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Sky Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. offers our customers quality work at a reasonable rate. We provide free estimates for both residential and commercial roofing projects, repairs and roof maintenance programs.

With our attention to quality work and a sense of urgency to our clients’ needs, we make a commitment to provide them the best service to protect their assets.

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Matt Estephan

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Matt has over 25 years in the roofing industry. As a young man in his late teens, Matt emigrated from his home country of Lebanon in the late 1980’s. In search of work, he found a job at one of the largest roofing companies in the industry as a laborer. Matt’s time spent there was not in vein; overtime he gained skills and leadership attributes to soon become a supervisor. With these new found skills, Matt set forth to start his own business in 2001.

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Single Ply Roofing

Wide Membrane roofing. Including TPO, EPDM and PVC roofing.

Modified Roofing

Multi-layer asphalt based flat roof protection

Built-Up Roofing

Reinforced layers including stone or gravel

Metal Roofing

Sustainable, dependable and environmentally friendly

Shingle Roofing

Residential roofing for protecting your home

Roof Maintenance

Let us extend the life of your roof system with maintenance